From the president: Jimmy Morales

pastorJimmyOn July 31, 2013, the founder of Send The MEssage (STM), Pastor John Michaels, joined the Lord in His eternal glory. Some have wondered if the ministry would cease to exist. If it were a work of man, it probably would have, but God had other plans for this ministry. Send The MEssage continues to carry on its role in fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation. The relaunching of the Send The MEssage website is another small milestone in the continuation of this great calling.

I have been working with Pastor John in fulfilling the mission of STM from its early days. The ministry has three primary functions. The first is to raise disciples for reaching the least reached in the world. This is primarily accomplished through the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Dumaguete, Philippines (CCBCD). CCBCD is a school dedicated to raising disciples that are specially trained in church planting and Inductive Bible Study.

The second function of STM is to equip the churches to fulfill the Great Commission. There is no minimum size for a church to grow to before it can be involved in world missions. All are called, yet so many feel ill equipped. STM conferences serve the purpose of training and equipping pastors and their churches to mobilize at their full potential.

The third function of STM is to equip the saints to study the Bible. This is accomplished through Inductive Bible Study training workshops (IBS). In this training, students are taught to study the Bible without the need for commentaries or extrabiblical materials. Equipping God’s people to study the Word of God for themselves is a great tool for strengthening the church in fulfilling the Great Commission.

The three functions of STM serve to accomplish one goal: bringing glory to God. I look forward to being a part of fulfilling God’s purpose for this ministry and being used by Him to assist others in doing the same. If STM can be of any service to you or your fellowship, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to come teach IBS at your church, hold an STM Missions Conference in your area, or minister to your future missionaries and church planters at CCBCD. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Until He comes,

Pastor Jimmy Morales