IBS (Inductive Bible Study) Manual



Inductive Bible Study Manual

How To Study The Bible Effectively

by John Michaels

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  • Revolutionize your understanding of the Bible
  • Elementary and far reaching study method
  • Taught to thousands of Bible Students worldwide
  • No commentaries needed
  • Maximize your study time in the Bible
  • Teaches you the inductive reasoning method
  • With only pencil and paper study the Bible anytime


The Inductive Bible Study Method

The Inductive Bible Study Method has been used for many years and has
proven to be very effective. The inductive method attempts to discover the
facts of a text through careful observation and then draw some
interpretation of these facts to understand what the writer meant. The third
step is to make applications, first in a general way and move to more
personal application. This inductive method is known, in short, as the OIA
Method (Observation, Interpretation, Application Method).

Scientific Approach

The inductive method is a scientific approach to the study of the Scripture:

• It begins with what you see
• It follows with an interpretation of what you see
• It then demands an application

The inductive method is analytical. The student must examine the smallest
details down to the punctuation. The structure of the literature becomes of
paramount importance. We must learn where paragraphs, sentences, and
topics begin and end.



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